Principal Message

Principal Message

It is an honour and grace to be the Principal of a reputed college, namely Oxford Girls College of Education. College stands for excellence and is continuously setting up the highest standards. Working in this college is a great experience for me. The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be ignored. Someone has rightly said

If we are planning for a year,

We should sow rice.

If we are planning for decades,

We should sow plants and trees.

But if we are planning for life time,

We must educate people.

Indeed we can even say that the quality of education determines the destiny of nation.

For me education doesn’t mean just providing answers to questions. It is of course equipping the students for better future through overall enhancement and development. We in this college are preparing our students for development or betterment of an overall personality by ways of self-exploration as well. They are supposed to know about themselves fully. Education empowers students to discover within themselves. They must be clear about their goals in life. Why they had selected this particular profession leaving behind other professions? By the grace of God they have selected a very noble profession which is teaching. They must understand their roles and duties as a guide. As a teacher they have to shoulder the responsibilities of each and every student.

With these students budding doctors, engineers, economists, social workers, authors and poets are hidden. The teacher has to support them and orient them by channelizing the needed resources.

In the college we are providing all the resources required for making competent, trained or well qualified teachers. We are also aware of the new challenges and horizons which lie ahead in this task – In fulfilling my dreams, the vision and constant inspiration and support of the president Mrs Krishna Sardana is always there. She drives me to get equipped with a lot of vigour, zeal and zest to raise the college to a new horizon.


Dr. Veena Devi Trivedi